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April 7, 2007
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A blink of light

“Right, so let me get this straight,” said Blink
“Alrighty” replied Hip
“Fury, has gotten himself kidnapped” she started
“Uh huh, well ‘gotten’ makes it seem like he did it on purpose”
“And how did you say he got himself caught?”
“That isn’t important”
“I just want to hear it one more time”
“They rolled down the car window and asked Fury if he wanted some candy” Hip sighed
“And he’s one of the freedom fighters best is he?”
“I think you’re making too much of a big deal out of this”
“Not really, I just like to know that my life and the lives of many others is safe at the hands of a guy who when offered candy says sure I’ll take a ride in your car”
“Will you help me or not?” Hip groaned
“Oh I’ll help, I wanna see this moron for real” Blink laughed
“Knowing him you’ll be in bed with him pretty soon” Hip muttered under his voice
A few minutes later they had reached a city, it had a layer of smog floating around the top with many smoke stacks on the horizon.
They walked through the city gates cautiously, but Hip sang a strange version of the song “soul man” but with different lyrics, it sounded like Gondor or something along those lines, but Blink didn’t get into it as it might’ve been a secret storyline for later on in a different series… she was right.
“I wonder why this town is so smoky” Blink said to herself
“Perhaps” Hip started “it’s because of some form of conspiracy about muffins and the government are trying to eat all of the muffins so that there’ll be none left for me! I’m gonna go super form” Hip yelled, exploded into the air and then landed down beside her
“Are you alright?” she asked
“Me? Yeah! Great! No! I feel bad! My feet hurt! I’m all right now! Let me die!” Hip said rapidly
“Right I think I need to get you out of here” Blink said concerned at what the atmosphere was doing to him
“Hey, why don’t you get those people to help you!” Hip said happily pointing at the floor. Blink raised and eyebrow and looked down, sure enough, on the floor, was people, they weren’t small (not mini small anyway) they were simply lying on the floor. Blink put out her foot and nudged one of them, but there was no response. She stepped back in horror, they were all dead.
She held her mouth at the sight of the sickening images in front of her
Then she felt a bump against her arm. She looked at it fearing the worst, but it was just Hip, but he had passed out.
She picked him up and carried him back out of the gates and lay him down on a grassy patch under a tree.
She began to ponder what had just happened, what had killed all those people?
It had turned dark before Hip regained consciousness. He woke up and shook his head and then looked at her
“Hey” she said annoyed. She didn’t look sat him she simply gazed up at the moon.
“What’s the status?” he asked
“Fury’s in that city, I can tell, but we can’t go in because you’ll die if we do” Blink said “I think the effects of the atmosphere caused you to pass out, any more and you might not get back up, like all of those people”
Hip growled “are you up to it?”
“Of course I am “ she replied disdainfully
“Then here, take my scythe, it’ll come in handy” hew said and handed her his long psmittar
He had a belt attached to it by which she was able to carry it over her shoulder, so she did.
She nodded at the brown hedgehog and walked into the city, with the strange gas that has no effect on her
She walked through the smog infested city keeping her eyes firmly in front of her, trying to avoid seeing or stepping upon the plague infested people, however it was inescapable. She stepped on at least three before she tripped over an arm and rolled a few feet until she came to a halt lying on top of a pile of them. She screamed out in fear and dashed into the closest building and slouched down by a wall and began to cry, the death and suffering was all too much for her to take, was this the kind of thing Hip dealt with regularly? Although her tears were stemmed by a loud groaning. She wiped her eyes and gazed in horror at what was coming in the door, a group of the people who had previously been lying outside had gotten up and were now confronting her. In terror she watched these beasts approach her. The skin peeling off of their bodies, eyes hanging out of their sockets. They where monsters, no soul, no sense of anything, only that they needed food, that food seemed to be her at this moment in time. She had to deal with them, but did she have enough power to do that? Her question was answered quicker than she expected, in her hand was the scythe. She stared at it, where had it come from? That didn’t matter though, what mattered was where it was going, into the hearts of these creatures was the answer.
Powerfully she brought down the chunk of metal and embedded it into one of the animals’ heads’. But to no avail. She swiped and slashed as hard as her body would let her, but it did nothing but tire her out.
She breathed heavily as they began to close in. with no efforts left she dug the scythe into the ground in an attempt to steady herself. Suddenly, the scythe quadrupled in length. She was far above all of them. She gasped but acted quickly, jumping to the floor that she had arrived beside. Then, mustering the last of her strength she dashed to the stairs and used the scythe’s powerful blade, she destroyed them. This gave her a few hours to escape.
Slowly she walked down the hall. Finding a door at the end she tried it, locked. This made her raise an eyebrow so she sliced it down with the scythe, that’s what Hip would’ve done she thought. As the door fell she heard screaming coming from behind it, there where men, women and children running around in panic, screaming that they were going to die now. They must’ve thought she was the bag guy, or one of the zombies.
“Excuse me everybody,” she said stepping through the wreckage “but I am not a monster,” she said in a very matter of fact kind of way
They all stopped running and stared at her. They realised that she was telling the truth.
“How did you get up here? How did you survive the gas?” one asked
“How should I know, I’m just immune “
“Then you can take him down!” cheered a child
His mother immediately hushed him but Blink went forward to him “defeat who?” she asked
“The robot, he’s the one who sends out all of the bad gas,” he said
“And where does said big beastie live?” she asked and the child pointed out the window to a large building that was venting smoke from the top
“Yeah never mind I see it”
She gazed across, it was the hour of ghosts now, and all of the bodies were waking up. She couldn’t walk along the ground, how could she possibly get across.
“You do know the scythe can fly right?” came Hip’s voice in her head
“Really?” she asked him
“Well look at it this wa, those monsters will get you if you wait here so you’ll die that way, or the scythe won’t work and you can make a sidewalk pancake with loadsa jam!” Hip said happily
“You don’t give advice regularly do you?” she asked
“I did the other day actually, unfortunately it was when the guy asked Fury to get into his car and Fury he didn’t want to”
“Thanks Hip I feel much better now” she said and went to the window.
She opened it and stepped out onto the ledge
“It won’t work unless you jump on, you got one shot so just believe it will work” Hip said
So she concentrated and jumped off, but she missed the scythe and began to fall, but not very far until she landed on it.
“How did that happen?” she asked herself
“Do you think I would’ve told you to jump if you would’ve died?” He said laughing, “now go whup this guys butt,” Hip cheered
She sped off through the night until she arrived at the building. She whizzed in through the window and jumped off when she arrived at the biggest source of the gaseous destruction.
She walked through the door that was blocking her path. To her horror she discovered the route of the problem. A robot, that was letting sparks fly from its circuit’s, it was roughed up a bit, and was fairly old. A maverick machine was a definite for this guy. The problem was, he was an almost perfect clone of…
“WILL YOU GET ME OUT OF HERE!” called Fury the hedgehog
“That robot looks like you,” she said
“Nice observation my dear” it said and then charged at her, she was knocked through the air but was cushioned by a psychic ray from the scythe.
“Blink!” Fury called and she looked over at him “hold the scythe straight out and tap it with your left index finger!” he called. She did this and as soon as she tapped it, the scythe began to spin like nothing natural “now attack!” he called and she charged at the enemy.
It was a blistering battle; Blink had many gashes and bruises and was not succeeding very well in the whole ‘beat the robot’ thing
“Blink!” Fury called again “there’s one last thing you can do, it will help you gain unimaginable power, but it comes at a price” he yelled
“What is it?” she replied
“Take the scythe and slash your stomach open, its power will flow into you, you will be unstoppable, but the price is that you will lose yourself in this fight, who knows what repercussions it will have, but Hip can control it, it shouldn’t be too hard for you” he said
She looked at him in horror “slice... Slice my chest open?” she said
“Yeah, sure it’ll hurt at first, but it’ll hurt a lot more if you get ripped limb from limb by tall dark and rusty here”
She looked at him and put the scythe in front of her chest, she looked over at Fury and he nodded, she closed her eyes and sliced across her chest. Blood fell across the floor. Smoke, dust, and gravel went flying, no one, neither Fury nor his robot doppelganger was prepared for what happened next. From the dust cloud, Blink stepped out, she was not the Blink they remembered though, she had changed completely, for one she was bigger, three times her normal size. On her head there was two long red horns, another two emerging from below her chin also. She had grown two huge wings which where greyish red, and she had a long spiked tail also. Her feet were now large claws, as where her hands. She was a monster, a demon from the lowliest pits of hell itself, she was a monster
She charged forward and destroyed the metal Fury with a swipe. She then turned her attention to regular Fury, she ripped open his cage and went to grab him, but he was at the other side of the room “ya se that’s the thing about me mate” Fury grinned and then leaned against the wall “I’m so devilishly good looking that all the girls wanna catch me, but we all can’t have what we want now can we?” he asked. Suddenly he was held above the room in her monstrous talons “right… well my face is red” he said uneasily
“That ain’t to too hard to do bud” Hip called up to him, he was standing down below him. Blink noticed him and dropped Fury out of surprise.
“Fury what did you tell her to do? Did you make her put the monster inside herself?” Hip asked
“Listen lets not play the monster game again, you know I suck at it” Fury said
They then heard laughing with a long name “you two are supposed to stop me! Hah, this should be good for a laugh!” she laughed
Hip growled, “Lets take her down”
The two of them dashed towards the enemy and began to battle, but they were overpowered and sent towards the wall with incredible velocity
They pulled themselves out of the wreckage, Hip looked over at Fury
“Hey buddy bad news, the monster destroyed yer perm!” he yelled
“WHAT SHE DIDN’T!” Fury cried and checked his hair. He then paused and looked at Hip who was giggling hysterically
“I KNEW IT!” he laughed
“Yeah, yeah whatever, maybe this is why I have more girls than you!” Fury gloated
“Maybe it’s because I’m eight, did you ever take that into account?”
“Always excuses from you, try making a plan for once” Fury yelled
“Glad you asked that, I got one, we gotta use ‘that’ technique” he said
“Oh, ‘that’ technique, gotcha” Fury said.
Both of them charged at the enemy in perfect symmetry, Hip leapt up and Fury simply turned wondering what he was doing. Both of them where then promptly knocked flying
Hip pulled himself out of the rubble again and looked over at Fury “if you didn’t know what technique I was talking about why didn’t you say so!” Hip yelled
“I didn’t want you to think less of me,” Fury said sadly
“Fury, I already think nothing of you, now lets do the technique, ‘that’ technique, the symmetry skirmish!” Hip yelled out (anyone who knows raising fighting spirit or number one, it’d be best to start humming them now)
Both of them powered up, chaos force spun around Fury, while psionic energy flowed throughout Hip.
“Lets do this!” they both yelled at the exact same moment “we are mirror versions of each other, what one does the other does the opposite, now we can take you down!” they both yelled
A flash of light and the two charged at Blink, they dodged her hands, both moving at the same time, instead of going straight for the head they ran up the wall and attacked from the roof, but to no reward, Hip was hit meaning that Fury was hit also because of the symmetry technique. Again they tried, both moving the same way, again and again, now was the fifth try, power wearing thing it was the last. The monster laughed at the two of them, her laugh was so much that whatever the two of them had just said was trumped by the noise, she should have listened, those words where to be her downfall.
The final strike, Hip, and Fury sped up the wall and onto the roof, the leaped at each other this time, expelling each other in opposite directions of the head. Blink grinned and sliced Hip knocking him to the floor. She grinned, as one goes down so does the other she thought. Turning around to see her accomplishment against Fury also, she saw him hovering in front of her. Her eyes widened
“The words you missed, they were ‘dispel symmetry skirmish technique’” said Fury and kicked her in the nose knocking her backwards, she spun to steady herself and was met with Hip, who’s hands where glowing
“BLINK I’M COMIN IN TO GET CHA!” he yelled and leapt at the creature. He arrived at the other side, holding Blink in his arms, the monster yelled out in agony
“You cannot beat me, I will always be inside of her and one day I shall escape” it laughed
“And when that day comes I will whup yo ass all over again bub, now piss off and give me some quiet time, I got a headache the size of Fury’s sexism” he growled as it disappeared
“That big of a headache?” Fury asked
“That big” Hip nodded
A few minutes later Blink regained consciousness “ugh what happened?”
“You beat the big boss bad guy and got the triforce!” Fury cheered
“He means that you won mate,” Hip said
“But wait, the gas isn’t gone, how are you here Hip? Wouldn’t it still affect you?” she asked
“Blink, ya don’t get it do ya, it never effected me, I just wanted to see what you were capable of?”
“What? But why?” she asked
“Well it’s your story, I only got one good part and various cool lines, enjoy your limelight!” he cheered “and now I think that Fury owes us some muffins” Hip said
“Yeah me too, unless he stole them as part of a conspiracy” Blink laughed nudging Hip on the arm
“Oh no… oh no” Fury said worried “I’M OUT OF THE LOOP!”

The end


The next day Fury was offered candy again from a fat, bald, egg shaped man in a car, he took it.
soooooo long over due it ain't funny no more, but it got finished like so many other things, but anywho it was for and i hope she enjoyed it because i have totally spaced more than is natural, so there we go, next up... who knows?
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Blinklight Apr 8, 2007  Student Digital Artist
BTW: The epilogue was great I lauthed a lot. XD
heh heh, there was another version of the epilogue i made that just said:
and fury never did get back into the loop
Blinklight Apr 8, 2007  Student Digital Artist! That was so damn awesome!! OMG! :boogie: I mean, the attitude you gave to Blink and all! BTW, who's that monster who possesed Blink?

Thanks man, I LOVE it :33
no prob mate i'm glad you liked it, worth the wait i hope! anyway the monster will be explained later when i reveal how hip got the scythe, but rest assured it will be a good story, i really liked doing that too, blink is a good character to work with, maybe i could do another one some time later?
Blinklight Apr 9, 2007  Student Digital Artist
Yeah, you could do another one :3
great, but i need to get the LOTR story out of the way first
....bravo my friend...bravo
thank you thank you, i thought it was real good
XD thats excellent, i luv the lines
“Yeah, yeah whatever, maybe this is why I have more girls than you!” Fury gloated
“Maybe it’s because I’m eight, did you ever take that into account?”
XDD hilarious
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